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Friends Playing Basketball

Refer A Friend

Double the Fun and Get Rewards:
Refer a Friend and Let'sPlayHoops Together

Hesitating on attending our basketball games alone? Bring a buddy, pass the fun and get rewarded!

For every friend you refer who joins their first game, you'll receive a $5 coupon.


Sign Up via SSO

If your friends sign up or log in via single-sign-on by using Google or Facebook Account, they can go to [My Account] page and fill in the [Who Referred You?] field , as Figure 1 shows below.

Sign Up via Email

Simply let your friend fill in your name  to [Who Referred You?] field when they sign up by email, as Figure 2 shows below.

Or Email Us
As always, you may email us anytime. Simply tell us who are your friends and we will take care the rest.

Figure 1 - Sign up via SSO
Figure 2 - Sign up via Email
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