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Best Offensive Play
Best Assist

Feb. 2023

Having a good run is no longer challenging.

Are you always short on players? Is the weather always too bad?
Stop making excuses for basketball runs!  Find games and Join us. 


Let’s Play Hoops!

Upcoming Games

Basketball Court

Call Your Fouls

No Refs. Players can call fouls and violations (e.g. traveling).



When in dispute, the player who calls it shoots for ball.

Game of 7

Game of 1-2-7: three-pointers count as 2. Win by 2. Winner stays on.

No Fighting!

Respect the Court

Absolutely no fighting. All players involved in a fight will be banned.

Spread Love. Have good vibes.

Respect facility rules. Put away your own trash. 

Show Respect.
Have a Good Time.
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