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Young Athletes

About Us

We are a group of young professionals who grew up playing basketball. It all started when one of us created a chat group and started arranging weekly basketball games with others who lived in the area. Slowly but steadily, our chat group started to grow, and people from different walks of life started to play hoops together – from wall street nine-to-fivers to contractors who travel around the country, from retirees to college graduates.

Lace up! Warm up! And Let's Play Hoops!

Hoops Happening

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High Lights of Recent Games

Highlights - April 7, 2024
Highlights - March 30, 2024
Highlights - March 23, 2024
Highlights - March 16, 2024
Highlights - March 2, 2024
Highlights - March 9, 2024
Highlights - February 24, 2024
Highlights - February 17, 2024
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