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ADD1 One-on-One Basketball Tournament

LPH x NYBD proudly presents ADD1 One-on-One Tournament! Test your basketball🏀 skills against 24 players across 4 intense rounds and seize the chance to claim up to 💰 $1000 in prizes. Don't miss your shot! 🚀


Welcome to the first-ever ADD1 One-on-One Tournament, proudly presented by LPH x NYBD! Get ready for an action-packed day of basketball. Here's what you need to know: Sponsorship Opportunity: We're looking for sponsors to support this exciting event! If you're interested in partnering with us, please contact us. Event Details:

  • Date: October 1, 2023 (6pm - 9pm)

  • Location: 1561 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 12255

Competetion Format 1. Group Stage:

  • Four groups (A to D) will be randomly formed.

  • Maximum of 8 participants per group.

  • Two participant advances from each group.

  • Top 8 players selected.

2. Elimination Stage:

  • Top 8 participants compete.

  • Random pairings through a draw.

  • Winners advance to the semifinals.

3. Semifinals:

  • Winners from the elimination stage.

  • Two players compete in each semifinal.

4. Final:

  • Winners of the semifinals face off.

  • Determining the tournament champion.

5. Third-Place Match:

  • Losers from the semifinals.

  • Competing for third place in the tournament.


🏆Grand Prize🏆:

  • Championship: $1,000 Cash Prize

  • For each group stage of 4 groups:

  • - 1st Place: Advancement + LPH T-Shirt

  • - 2nd Place: Advancement + LPH T-Shirt

  • - 3rd Place: Free Entry to Open Runs

Sign up today and showcase your skills on the court. Let's make history together! 🏀🏆

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