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LPH x NYBD 3x3 Tournament is now Endorsed by FIBA!

Updated: May 13

Hey LPH Hoopers!

Our upcoming LPH x NYBD 3x3 Tournament is now endorsed by FIBA, raising both the stakes and the standard of competition. Here's what you need to know:

FIBA Endorsement

Our tournament is now a FIBA-endorsed event, aligning it with international basketball standards. Click here to see our event page on FIBA.

Advanced Division: Level Up Your Game

Players in the Advanced Division will need to use their FIBA account for registration, allowing this tournament to count towards their FIBA points. New to FIBA? You'll need to create an account to participate.

Several star players from the 3x3 basketball scene have confirmed their participation!

Recreational Division:

Our Recreational Division remains a great way to enjoy basketball in a relaxed, fun-filled setting.

Join us for a day of competitive spirit and fun, regardless of your skill level. Register now to be part of this internationally recognized event!

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