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Announcing Women's Basketball Open Run

In celebration of Women's History Month, we at Let's Play Hoops are thrilled to announce that we're launching our new Women's Basketball Open run!

Women's Open Run is an opportunity for women of all experience levels to come together and play basketball in a fun and supportive environment. We're committed to promoting gender equity in basketball and inspiring more individuals to participate in the sport.


Our Pilot Run Was a Huge Success!

Last Sunday, we piloted our Let's Play Hoops Women's Basketball Open Run. Tickets were sold out within a day, and we received very positive feedback from participants. They're excited to have experienced the camaraderie and competition of playing basketball with like-minded women. As a result, we're excited to host this event regularly!

Thank you for your support in our celebration of women's achievements and progress in the sport. Click the link below to find the next Women's Basketball Open Run!

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